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Welcome to Denton Tyre Centre

Tyres in Sheffield St, Carlisle , Parkhill Rd Carlisle and Annan Rd Dumfries

Denton Tyre Centre stock a comprehensive range of car, 4X4, van and truck tyres to suit everyone's requirements and budget. We also stock an excellent range of batteries which come with either 2 or 3 years warranty all at competitive prices.

Call in for a free tyre safety check to give you complete peace of mind this winter.


We are now stocking an extensive range of winter tyres suitable for all vehicles, improve your cars handling during the winter months with a set of winter tyres at very competitive prices.

Winter tyres work with snow, rain and generally cold weather. When there is snow on the road the deep treads allow the snow to fill up the gaps. When coming into contact with fresh, soft snow on the road, the snow already in the tyre treads sticks to what is on the road, creating a better grip. When there is a lot of rain the deep treads help to prevent your car from aquaplaning on surface water by dispersing more, and at a faster rate than summer tyres do.

Winter tyres should be fitted ideally before the winter weather sets in. People usually opt to put them on their car in October and switch back to summer tyres in March. The tyres work best when the temperature is below 7°C, if the temperature is above this then you need to switch back to your summer tyres.

For further information on any of the services we provide or to book your vehicle in, call Denton Tyre Centre on 01228 522033

Are your tyres safe and legal?

Are your tyres safe and legal. A tyre wear indicator
This is a car tyre tread wear indicator. If it is level with the surface of your tyre, then you need a new tyre. Call in today to get your tyres checked. Don't compromise your safety


We’re dedicated to looking after your car van or truck, our expert technicians can help with:
  • Wheel Balance
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tyre Repairs
  • Batteries
  • Regrooving
  • Major Repair of Tyres
  • Fleet Inspection to assess minimise costs
  • Tyre Audit to reduce your tyre spend
  • Truck Roadside Breakdowns with the ITDN


We’re expert in looking after your agricultural tyres and are a Michelin Exelagri dealer which guarantees quality.