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Agriculture Division

We have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience, and have become the recognised experts in the industry, able to provide the most complex solutions.

Flotation Tyres

Michelin XeobibFlotation tyres are acknowledged as the best solution for many types of modern agricultural machinery, from the largest tractor, to forage harvesters and even something as simple as a trailer. Machinery, or the loads carried are getting heavier as the drive for greater productivity continues, however, without the correct tyres soil compaction is increased and the rutting effect increases fuel consumption.

The specification of both wheel and tyres is a complex task, so why not discuss your requirements with our team of experts. Denton Tyres recommends Michelin XeoBib

Utilising Ultraflex technology, the award winning Michelin XeoBib provides a low, constant pressure regardless of speed. With less than 1 bar (14psi) XeoBib protects the soil on the field and security on the road.

Narrow and Rowcrop Tyres

Narrow and Rowcrop TyresA growing number of machines require this type of tyre, the challenges being, to carry the loads imposed, be narrow enough to fit crop rows, whilst at the same time giving sufficient crop clearance. In order to minimise soil compaction, the contact patch of the tyre must be wide and long. The ruts caused by tramline operations can cause problems during harvesting and slow down later cultivations, thus reducing productivity.

Large diameter wheels require specialist wheels, especially if fitted to machines carrying heavy loads. The forces exerted, even when working across the mildest of slopes can be considerable, substandard wheels may crack, or at worst damage the tyre.

Trailer and Implement Tyres

The humble agricultural trailer, is also becoming a tool for increasing productivity and profitability, and as such must have its wheels and tyres specified to a much higher level then ever before.

Across a range of makes, we have the solution for your business.

Industrial & Civil Engineering Tyres

This category of machine covers working environments like demolition sites, scrapyards, refuse dumps, building sites, in fact anywhere wheeled machines operate.

The diverse nature of the operating conditions, combined with a wide range of different types of machinery, mean that the tyre solution needs to perform at the maximum.

Our range of tyres and wheels for this market covers everything from a skid-steer loader, to loader backhoe JCB's and even earthmover tyres up to 29.5".

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