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Tyre Care

If you look after your tyres then you’ll maximise the amount life they have and minimise the cost to you in two ways: They will last longer & They help you to minimise fuel usage.

If for example, you have a slow puncture or don’t regularly keep your tyre pressures topped up, then you will use more fuel as the car engine has to work harder to move those squishy tyres, this leads to more CO2 being produced and of course it will cost you more.

Tread Depth Rules

1. The law states that there should be a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. It must be measured across the central 3/4 of the tyre around the entire circumference of the tyre. The first part of the law says there must be a minimum of 1.6mm of tread. This means that the depth of the grooves MUST BE NOT LESS THAN 1.6mm.

2. The second part of the law says that the 1.6mm measurement must be across the central 3/4 of the tyre. This means that at any point across the main part of the tyre, the tread depth MUST BE NOT LESS THAN 1.6mm.

3. The third part of the law says that the 1.6mm measurement must be all the way round the tyre. This means that there MUST BE NOT LESS THAN 1.6mm of tread all the way round the tyre.

New Tyres to the Rear

We recommend that you use newer tyres for the rear set, for extra safety in unforeseen or difficult situations (emergency braking, tight bends etc) particularly on wet surfaces. Numerous tests have shown that it is easier to control the front wheels than those at the rear.

Front tyres generally wear quicker than those fitted at the rear, particularly on front wheel drive cars, which are currently in the majority.

How to read a tyre

Ever wondered what the markings on the side of a tyre mean?

  • 1. Michelin 4x4 Diamaris = This is the brand and model of the tyre.
  • 2. 285/35 R22 102W = This is the size and specifications of the tyre:
  • 285: This is the section width of the tyre. That means the overall width of the tyre in mm.
  • 35: This is the aspect ratio of the tyre. That is the sidewall height of the tyre as a percentage of the section width.
  • R: This mean the tyre is of Radial construction.
  • 22: This is the internal diameter of the tyre.
  • 102: This is the load index. How much weight the tyre can carry.
  • W: This is the speed index. The maximum speed the tyre is designed for.
  • 3.Tubeless: This means the tyre has no inner tube.

Use Air To Save CO2

The correct pressure is important both for safety and for a long tyre life.

They must be checked when the tyre is cold (by cold we mean the ambient outside temperature where the tyre is to be used).

Tyre pressures must be checked regularly, about once every two weeks.

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